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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to have a referral?

No, you can call and make an appointment at 423-778-5995

If I have X-rays already, will new ones be taken?

Even though we may have access to your prior X-ray films, they may not be adequate. We nearly always take weight-bearing X-rays in the office and we are very particular in the quality of the X-rays necessary to help drive your medical decision making.

Do I have to have a MRI or CT scan prior to seeing the foot & ankle team?

No,  but if you have one - Bring It. We may choose to order more advanced imaging if necessary based on you initial evaluation and X-rays. 

Do I have to see the physician recommended by the emergency room?

No, you can call and make an appointment with the specialist of your choosing.

Can I have pain medications prescribed to me?

Only during the first few days after surgery. Staff go by practice protocols put in place to protect patients from these addictive medications. 

How long will I be out of work or school after surgery? 

It depends on the procedure, some patients can go back at 1-2 weeks on sedentary duty with restrictions. Some surgeries require that you not put weight on the foot for up to six weeks

How long does my STD/FMLA paperwork take to be processed in the office?

7-10 business days from date of drop-off

Does this practice see re-do patients or do revision surgeries?

Yes, we sometimes see patients for second opinions and/or revision surgeries

I live out of state, can I still be seen?

Yes, we get referrals from many places. Sometimes we will coordinate part of your post surgical care with a physician closer to home so you won't have to travel as much after surgery.

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